Santa Claus

Job Title: Santa Claus

Location: Liverpool

Description: Santa Claus - speak to the children and have your photo taken with them.

Certifications/education: Some background in acting, drama or performing would be advantageous, as well as being able to improvise and think on-the-spot. You never know what children might ask Santa for this year!

* A DBS disclosure is required prior to commencing employment. 

Santa Claus has red rosy cheeks, a big belly, a snow-white beard, a hearty laugh and is full of Christmas spirit! If you can look and act the part, please read on to find out more about one of the most desired Santa Claus jobs in Liverpool!

Being Santa Claus is hard work. There’ll be children waiting for hours for the opportunity to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what they want for Christmas. You’ll need to listen to them, pose for photographs with them and send them on their way. You’ll wear your big red suit, Santa hat and spectacles, while you smile and talk to the children. As the children sit on your lap, you’ll ask them what they want for Christmas and if they’ve been good this year. Santa will be sat on his throne all day surrounded by his elves for hundreds of children who come to visit him!

Children are straight-talkers so get ready for any number of crazy questions like ‘what’s your favourite reindeer?’ ‘How do you fit down my chimney?’ and ‘what if I don’t have one?’, ‘What happens if your sleigh breaks down?’, ‘Where do you go in the summer?’ Or ‘how do you travel around the entire world in one night?’ You always have to be on your toes and in character with a creative answer at-the-ready! Plus, be prepared for children to yank at your beard!

Ideally, Santa is going to physically look the part. Older, a white beard, a hearty laugh and a large tummy. Ultimately, your job is to bring joy to children. Playing Santa is an important part of Christmas. So how’s your “Ho-Ho-Ho?”.

If you think you have what it takes to be Santa, please visit: